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Extranol - original American quality!

Lubricants for cars, light-duty trucks, tractors and industries are produced under the Extranol brand. These are engine oils, transmission oils, greases and industrial oils. Production is manufactured at automated up-to-date plant in USA, near New York city. Plant is certified to ISO9001-2008. Only qualitative basic oils and additives from world leaders of Lubrizol, Infinium, Oronite, Afton, Ashland, Vanderbit are used for production. All products undergo quality test at plant's laboratory, conform to international standards of quality and API certified.

Car engine oils

Large range of modern motor oils for passenger cars and pickups. SAE viscosity from 0w-20 to 20w-50 with API SN quality.

Trucks engine oils

Modern Heavy Duty Engine Oils for trucks with viscosity 10w-30, 10w-40, 15w-40 that meet the latest requirements of API CJ-4 and CI-4.

Hydraulic Fluids


Extranol Products

Specification datasheets for Extranol products.

Extranol oils packaging

Examples of Extranol oils packaging available.

1 U.S. Quart (946 ml)

Min order: 420 boxes

5 U.S. Gallon (18.92 L)

Min order: 42 buckets

55 U.S. Gallon (208.12 L)

Min order: 8 drums

Minimum order - 20ft container.

We ship 20ft and 40ft containers to any port of the world from port of New York.

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